Explore: Matagarup Bridge – Zip and Climb

Experience Perth’s ultimate adventure! Climb the iconic Matagarup Bridge to the open-air Sky-View platform high above the stunning Swan River. Enjoy the spectacular views, take pics and either choose to walk down or go large and take the exhilarating zip-line back to home base!

Matagarup Bridge Zip Line. Photo credit Matagarup Bridge ZipLine

Your options are as follows:

• Bridge Climb | Walk up and over Skyview Platform, walk down (90 min)

• Express Zip | Walk halfway up the bridge, zipline down (90 min)

• Zip+Climb | Walk up and over the glass floor Sky View platform, then clip onto the 400 m zipline (2 hr)

For more details and to book, click here.

Matagarup Bridge was not originally built for people to climb. This is no walk up a bridge – this is a true climb. You will be required to trek up 314-steps on a 45-degree angle and shimmy, slide and squeeze past beams to reach the SkyView – an open-air viewing platform 72 metres above the river then zip back to home base travelling at up to 75km/hr.

Matagarup Bridge Zip Line. Photo credit Matagarup Bridge ZipLine




Entry and/or tickets charges apply


Sep 01 2023 - Nov 30 2023


Matagarup Zip+Climb

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