Explore: Mini Meditation Retreat

Take some time out  and come along to a 4-hour mini-meditation retreat at a beautiful and picturesque country location near Toodyay and discover some simple and effective ways to meditate and/or refine your existing meditation techniques.

Meditation helps you to relax, builds self-confidence and enables you to live in the present moment. Some of the tools you will discover on the day include how to still the mind from mental chatter and the inner critic, being more heart-connected and accepting and loving of self and setting appropriate boundaries and how to manage toxic people and situations.

Mini Meditation Retreats are held monthly and each retreat has its own unique theme and focus.

Facilitators Tanya Servaas and Rupert Guenther, are qualified mentors and coaches with extensive meditation experience both personally and professionally, are passionate about facilitating the mini meditation retreats because they are able to share with participants something they love that has helped them over many years.

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Aug 28 2022