Explore: Mystery Hike!

The Hike Collective invites you to embrace curiosity, and enjoy a mystery hike. They will choose the trail, give you a few clues, and you turn up and trust the journey.

Mystery is a predisposition to search, enjoy, play and wonder. That becomes lost when we’re controlling it all, and while we live in an information age, we put our faith in experts and our questions into Google. We have charted the far reaches of our planet, mapped its contours and sat-nav’d its trickier intersections.

Their Mystery Hike Tour is a special edition mystery experience carefully curated from a wide range of popular trails. Below are your intriguing clues alluding to the mystery location and trail. Two days prior to your tour, you will be sent the exact location and how to get there. All locations are within a 1 hour drive of the Perth CBD.

September Trail Clues ( 7km beginner )

  • It is in our DNA
  • Mountain of memories
  • Special sighting of an upside down tree
  • The place where 2 waters meet

Places are limited. Book here!


Entry and/or ticket charges apply


Sep 19 2021


3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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