Explore: Native Plant sale in Kings Park

Join us for the Friends of Kings Park Native Plant Sale.

Choose from a huge range of healthy native plants on sale, cultivated and grown by the Friends of Kings Park, including rare species not often found in commercial nurseries.

Enthusiastic gardeners will find an interesting range of banksias, grevilleas, triggerplants, small mallee eucalypts, verticordias and more. A list of the plant species on sale will be available on the Friends of Kings Park website a few weeks prior to the events.

All plants are lovingly cultivated by the Friends of Kings Park and funds raised support projects in Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

The Horticultural Advice and Support team will be on hand to provide free advice on planting and looking after your plants.

For more information, click here.


Sep 10 2023


Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Fraser Ave, Perth WA 6005


Kings Park Botanic Garden and Parks Authority
(08) 9480 3600

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