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The Beach & Forest Eco Adventure goes technicolor during this time – it gives visitors an insight into the local flora of the Karri understory and travels through the coastal heath. You will be travelling through four different ecosystems and seeing different flowering times on each leg of the journey.

Western Australia is a well recognized destination for its stunning annual display of wildflowers. Around 11,000 flora species are found in WA and over 75% are found in the south-west, one of the top 10 biodiversity hotspots in the world.

Pemberton, in the heart of the old-growth karri forest, is an ideal location to experience the beauty of the south-west wildflower season. The season generally commences in late July with winter flowering orchids such as Helmet and Midge Orchids and the deep purple of tree hovea (Hovea elliptica) and from September through to November is the best time to capture the annual display of mass blooming.

The wildflowers in the karri transform through a range of colour phases, from the dark purples, to yellow, oranges, pink, white and through to light blue in November/December. The sight and smell of the wildflower displays in the karri in springtime is an amazing treat for the senses.

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Sep 01 2022 - Oct 31 2022



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