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Discover beautiful, quality products that celebrate the biodiversity of Western Australia at studio Nikulinsky. Angela Nikulinsky, business owner and designer, uses the extensive catalogue of works created by renowned watercolour artist Philippa Nikulinsky, AM to produce a range of high-quality art cards, bookmarks, fine art prints, notebooks and gift tags. These products are stocked in many shops around Australia, including Aspects of Kings Park and the WA Art Gallery. Philippa also shares her work through publications, including the recent monograph Nikulinsky Naturally: An Artist’s Life edited by Ted Snell, and a forthcoming art book, Nikulinksy Unfolded: Xanthorrhoea. The WA Parks Foundation is proud to have Philippa as one of its park ambassadors.

Details are available on Philippa’s website: www.nikulinsky.com.au.


Sep 11 2019