Explore: Turtles of the Coral Coast

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area and the Mackerel Islands (off the northern coast of Exmouth) are all significant areas for marine turtles, including loggerhead, green, flatback and hawksbills turtles. Shark Bay alone is home to over 6,000 turtles!

Turtles can be encountered in the region year-round. Spot them popping their heads up out of the water while on a wildlife cruise or marine safari in Shark Bay; snorkel with them through the crystal clear waters of Ningaloo Reef while encountering some of the reef’s 500 species of fish, 300 species of coral and abundance of other marine life; and spot them on a self-guided turtle walk at the Mackerel Islands.

From late-October through to early April the region transforms into a hub of turtle breeding as mating, nesting and hatching seasons occur. Visitors to the region should read the Turtle Watchers Code of Conduct (below) before heading to the beaches during these seasons.

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Oct 21 2023 - Apr 30 2024


Ningaloo Marine Park
Exmouth, WA

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