Explore: WA Detective Trails

WA Detective Trails are self-guided puzzle walks around Perth city, Perth suburbs and the rest of Western Australia. Each trail comes with a fictitious crime to solve, a list of suspects, and lots of clues; each stop on the trail has you hunting high and low for the answers to cross off the innocent suspects. The last suspect on the list is the culprit!

The trails are designed for families, both locals wanting to get some fresh air and see their familiar haunts in a new light, and visitors wanting to sightsee while keeping their kids engaged. But you don’t need kids to enjoy a puzzle walk: walking groups, friends and teammates can enjoy a scenic stroll with a twist too, exercising mind and body in the beautiful WA sunshine.

There are trails available for the Perth city and metro regions, as well as Busselton, York and Toodyay.

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Nov 16 2021


Western Australia wide