Feature Event: Wilderness Wellness: Embrace the Untamed Healing Power of Nature

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embark on a transformative journey into the heart of nature. There has never been a better time to prioritise your wellbeing and embrace the benefits of slowing down. Join us on an unforgettable experience that will recharge your spirit and foster a deep connection with the natural world.

Led by our certified forest therapy guide, this immersive experience is designed to help you relax, become more present, and rediscover the beauty of the environment. As you gather with the group under the towering canopy of Powderbark and Wandoo trees at Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, an important wildlife corridor along the serene Avon River just outside of Perth, you’ll feel the stress melt away.

Your guide will lead you through a series of reflective practices, sensory exploration, and slow movement, allowing you to fully engage your senses and tune in to the soothing rhythms of nature. Together, we will embark on a gentle and unhurried walk through the enchanting sanctuary, covering approximately 2.3 kilometres.

Throughout the journey, our qualified guide will provide guidance and support, helping you discover your true nature and encouraging you to explore, reflect, and share your experiences. Take the time to notice the subtle wonders that surround you and awaken a deeper connection within yourself.

As the experience draws to a close, we invite you to indulge in a tea ceremony, a serene ritual that celebrates tranquility and mindfulness. Sip on aromatic tea while basking in the harmonious symphony of bird songs and breathing in the rejuvenating forest air. Following the tea ceremony, delight in a delicious earth-friendly picnic, savoring wholesome and locally sourced delights.

This experience is a rare opportunity to escape the demands of everyday life, to slow down, and to prioritise your own wellbeing. Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, recharge your spirit, and leave with a renewed sense of inner peace and connection to the world around you. Join us on this transformative journey and embrace the wonders that await in the heart of the wildlife sanctuary.

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This event is supported by the WA Parks Foundation as part of Spring into Parks.

Wilderness Wellness by Mindful In Nature

Wilderness Wellness by Mindful In Nature


Entry and/or tickets charges apply


Oct 20 2023


Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary
Clenton Rd, Gidgegannup WA


Mindful in Nature