Feature Event: Wildflower Wander in the Harvey Region Hinterland

Wildflowers by Belinda McCawley, Mindful In Nature

Marvel at the beauty of spring wildflowers and the expansive views from the Darling Range on this slow and relaxing morning, bathing in the atmosphere of the Harvey Hills.

Open your heart to the wisdom of the natural world and experience the benefits of slowing down for improved physical and mental health and venture on a forest therapy journey to recharge and connect. The experience involves a series of reflective practices, sensory exploration and slow movement to help you relax, become more present and witness the natural world’s ever-changing creations unfold around you.

The group will gather on Wildflower Ridge high in the Harvey Region Hinterland, a scenic 90 minute drive from Perth. You will be guided to engage your senses and tune into the rhythms of nature. Then, we will wander through grass trees, bushland and along rocky outcrops as you enjoy the breath-taking views from the ridge. Enjoy expansive views over the hills to the Harvey Dam and sweeping views across the coastal plains to the ocean.

The walk length is approximately 1.4km. The experience concludes with a Japanese inspired tea ceremony and a delicious local picnic lunch. You will have time to share and reflect, surrounded by bird song and fresh forest air.

The experience is guided by Belinda, a finalist for the FACET Golden Guide Award in the 2022 Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards. Belinda is an INFTA certified Forest Therapy Guide, registered Meditation Facilitator and environmental scientist. Belinda’s mission is to share the practice of forest bathing with people who are keen to improve the quality of their lives.
Please note there are no facilities at this location, please come prepared.

Visit the Mindful Forest Bathing website and book here.

This event is supported by the WA Parks Foundation as part of Spring into Parks.

Wildflower Wander in Harvey Region Hinterland by Mindful in Nature



Entry and/or tickets charges apply


Oct 28 2022


Wildflower Ridge