Stargazing in the wheatbelt

Astrotourism has been in the spotlight recently courtesy of our national broadcaster. This time the program was Landline.

The Landline episode featured the work of Astrotourism WA Founder, Carol Redford and the shires she is working with to develop an astrotourism industry in the mid-West and Wheatbelt.

Carol has spent over 10 years stargazing and working with passionate amateurs in the astronomy field in Western Australia.  With Astrotourism WA and communities, she is working towards making sure our very special night sky views are preserved so that visitors from around the world can be inspired by the beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Western Australia’s night sky is an asset worth protecting. Communities around WA are working to keep the night sky as dark as possible by reducing light pollution, Carol said.

“While we’re protecting our night sky, we’re inviting visitors from around the world to share its beauty. At the same time, we’re growing our understanding of how stargazing brings people together.”

Local communities are creating welcoming dark sky places across country and outback Western Australia where the stargazing is spectacular.

Carol will be one of the key speakers at the Astrotourism Workshop that the WA Parks Foundation, FACET and Geoparks WA are planning for 2nd September as part of the Foundation’s Spring into Parks program.

Image: The Milky Way Galaxy, Earth’s home in the universe, is made up of billions of stars via Astrotourism WA.