Take a Wedge-Tailed Eagle’s Journey Through Six Noongar Seasons

WA Parks Foundation chair Hon Kerry Sanderson AC and Simon Cherriman

WA Parks Foundation Chair Hon Kerry Sanderson AC and Simon Cherriman, WA Parks Ambassador

“Kingdom in the Clouds” is an inaugural photography exhibition, by local research scientist, a renowned expert on the wedge-tailed eagle, photographer and WA Parks Ambassador, Simon Cherriman.

The exhibition opened in August and takes you on a journey through the life-cycle of Wailitj, the Wedge-Tailed Eagle, depicted through photographs taken during the six Noongar Seasons across one calendar year. The display of the six ‘eagle seasons’ are enriched with an assortment of images of other Noongar Country wildlife. Displayed at The Sound Temple, in the Perth Hills, the large wall-mounted canvas images are for show and sale. Please check the website for opening hours.

Simon is currently undertaking research, which involves recording and documenting the breeding habits of Wedge-tailed Eagles throughout Western Australia, and utilising cutting-edge satellite-tracking methods in his research to study the details of eagle movements and habitat use.

Simon believes that education is one of the most important tools in conservation and environmental change and is a passionate advocate for raising ecological awareness.