Thank you Deloitte

Image: L-R Ms Martina Crowley, Partner Deloitte Private and Ms Eva Skira, WAPF Hon Treasurer and Board Member

Named as one of Australia’s top 10 socially responsible organisations by the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Deloitte Australia has joined the WA Parks Foundation as a pro-bono partner to provide compliance and consulting services and tax advice.

Central to Deloitte’s values is the importance of creating an enduring economic, social and cultural contribution, so it was an easy fit to align with the WA Parks Foundation as an advocate for connecting Western Australians to the State’s incredible parks.

“Deloitte’s incredible generosity, professional expertise and responsiveness to requests is outstanding and we look forward to working with Deloitte and developing this extremely valued partnership,” said Ms Eva Skira.

Thank you Deloitte for your valued and generous support.