Thundelarra  – our newest conservation park

Western spiny tailed skink. Photo credit: Scott Thompson

The creation of Thundelarra Conservation Park in WA’s Mid-West is the latest step in the State Government’s Plan for Our Parks initiative.

The new conservation area, spanning more than 100,000 hectares, supports significant ecological communities including threatened flora and vegetation types, and threatened fauna species including the mallee fowl.

The land includes a 25-kilometre stretch of land along Mongers Lake, with associated fringing vegetation and swamps that provide important nesting habitat for waterbirds. It also contains a lignum cane grass swamp listed in the Australian Directory of Important Wetlands.

The area’s wildflower display in spring is impressive and the park also provides opportunities for camping, four-wheel driving and other recreational experiences within a day’s travel from Perth.

Thundelarra is located within Badimia country. Its new status as a conservation park ensures important cultural heritage sites are protected, with further opportunities for joint management between traditional owners and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.