Urban Park Volunteers – Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park

Perth has many volunteer community groups who are concerned about and involved in urban parks and bushland. Often called “Friends” groups, these champions of parkland provide a valuable service to our community parks. One such group is the Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park” or FOY who are a group of local enthusiastic conservation volunteers who desire to protect and restore the biodiversity of this Perth northern suburb’s regional park, for current and future generations to enjoy.

Their aim is to promote and participate in the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of Yellagonga Regional Park to ensure long-term environmental sustainability and compatible human use. FOY was formed in 1993 and works in tandem with the Department of Parks and Wildlife. FOY manages a number of sites within the park. Regular workdays are held at the FOY sites, first growing and then planting local endemic species, removal of introduced species and site maintenance. http://www.friendsofyellagonga.com.au

Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park