What to do in Parks – Geocaching

Geo Caching on Rottnest Island

Geocaching is a treasure hunt done by using map coordinates and a GPS enabled device or a GPS-enabled smartphone. Geocaching is a special way to use technology to have fun on your own, with friends, competitive teams or with your family. There are geocache hidden in urban and National Parks. It is an activity suitable for all ages.

Rottnest Island Authority has established a number of geocaches within the Rottnest Island reserve that complement the suite of existing finds placed by other caching enthusiasts. Rottnest Island caches are informative and provide a further insight into the Island’s environmental and historical attributes.

Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes too. You can find a tiny little one as small as your fingernail, or a huge geocache with exciting ‘treasures’ inside. There are online Geocashing forums where you will find posts like this one by ‘narcissa’ which stated, “We geocache to enjoy nature, to spend time together, to explore, and to challenge ourselves.”

There are three apps available for Geocaching Australia:

GA Cacher for Android
Geocube for iPhone and iPad
Geosphere for iPhone.

More information about Geocaching is found here: