What to do in Parks – Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most rapidly growing recreational and sporting activities in Western Australia, following similar trends worldwide. WA is blessed with some of the best riding conditions in the world and with more and more people taking up mountain biking the network of trails is expanding.

Rock to Pallet. There are fun play objects off to the side of the Dunsborough Country Club trails loop www.mtbguidebook.com)

With a range of trail styles and designs, for a variety of ability levels, anyone can enjoy riding the trails. WA‘s Munda Biddi Trail is the longest (1,000km) off-road trail in the Southern Hemisphere and ranks on the Top Ten Cycle Routes by the National Geographic.

Mountain bikers identify a number of different disciplines of the sport:

  • XC (cross-country) riding: point-to-point or loop trails with ascents and descents on existing forestry tracks, former railway corridors (‘rail trails’) or purpose-built ‘single track’ (trails wide enough for just one bike).
  • DH (downhill) trails, which are generally at the more extreme end of the spectrum and too steep and difficult to ride up
  • freeride skills parks
  • 4X (four-cross) tracks where four riders can all race together.

Goat Farm Skills Park

Detailed information on mountain bike trails, can be found at Parks and Wildlife (8 Trails in parks) and TrailsWA (45 trails in WA).









Enjoy this mountain biking Video.