Our Purpose

We want everyone to feel connected to nature and our parks.

Our Vision

Our parks are increasingly loved and visited and the plants, animals, landscapes and cultural values they embody are protected and a source of pride for all Western Australians thus contributing to peoples’ health, wellbeing and to ecotourism.

Our Mission

To connect people to our parks and nature and through collaboration, deliver projects that celebrate, protect, increase understanding and enrich our parks to increase peoples sense of connection.

Our Values

Collaborative – We understand that we can achieve more by collaborating with others.
Conserve – Our park experiences have shaped us and hold deep meaning and value. Our wish is to gift this value to our children and future generations.
Outdoors – We value the natural treasures on our doorstep. We love getting outdoors and encouraging others to experience and enjoy our amazing land and marine parks.
Understanding – Through increasing understanding we help people to gain greater appreciation of our parks and build the emotional value and sense of stewardship to conserve them.
Wellbeing – Positively connecting with our parks nurtures our physical, mental, spiritual, social and economic wellbeing. We understand that the health of our parks directly impacts our health and the health of our society.