Wildflowers a-plenty in Coalseam Conservation Park

wildflowers and coalseam conservation park

Coalseam Conservation Park. Photo – Michael Raykos

Social media is overflowing with pictures of Coalseam Conservation Park from people who have visited recently. Beautiful displays of wildflowers carpeting the land are inviting very excited travellers to stop and take the time to get a picture of the incredible display.

Coalseam Conservation Park is among the most botanically diverse areas in the northern Wheatbelt region and known for its beauty during wildflower season. The park lies between the northern sandplain country where woody heath plants flower, and the arid lands of the Murchison region where spectacular everlastings bloom.

During spring, a carpet of everlastings transforms the usually sparse wattle understorey, covering the valley slopes. Everlastings are short-lived annual herbs, mostly from the daisy family, that dry out to produce papery petals and seeds that are dispersed by the wind.