New Patron of the WA Parks Foundation

The WA Parks Foundation is proud to announce as its Patron the Governor of Western Australia, the Honourable Kim Beazley AC.

The Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Governor of Western Australia

Regarding the role, the Governor said, “I am proud to be Patron of the WA Parks Foundation, an initiative launched by my predecessor the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC. This is an important body which advocates for and supports parks to ensure their conservation through refreshed community connection”.

WA Parks Foundation recently interviewed the Governor and asked him the following questions:

1. Of all the national and marine parks in WA, name one that is a personal favourite?  If you push me the answer has to be King’s Park. It plays a major role for commemoration and pleasure in the lives of all West Australians. However I have visited many adjacent to Perth and in the South West. I remember in particular learning about the buoyancy of salt water in the Rottnest Island lakes as well as coming of age on many visits to the island.

2. What are the features of that park that are outstanding? King’s Park, particularly in spring, is a genuine national icon. I love the wildflowers and more generally its atmosphere of serene commemoration. That being said I also draw great joy from Lake Richmond. The thrombolites may not look much but their ancient status rolls with the notion our timeless land.

3. Would you relate to me a story about a memorable experience you have had in that particular park? The memorable events for me in King’s Park are the ANZAC Days. My Grandad’s name on the War Memorial. As a small boy accompanying my father to the Dawn Service. Recently, sombre memories of the dates of other battles and wars in different parts of the park. The Vietnam memorial now very meaningful.

4. Why is the WA Parks Foundation important to the people of WA? We promote our parks as our attractions for tourists. But really they are our soul. Familiarity with them creates the basis of an understanding that we belong and where we belong is beautiful and worthwhile.

WA Parks Foundation looks forward to the support and involvement of His Excellency in connecting people to parks in Western Australia.